municipal hospital

mu·nic·i·pal hos·pi·tal

a government hospital administered by city officials.
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Tenders are invited for Municipal hospital medicines
A sixth person died at the Gorlovka municipal hospital due to ammonia poisoning after the leak at the plant on Tuesday, ITAR-Tass reported.
The building os close to the Bronx Municipal Hospital Center, a sprawling medical center populated by several city and private hospitals.
1] Saitama Municipal Hospital, Department of Urology, Saitama Municipal Hospital, Mimuro, Midori-ku, Saitama City, Saitama, Japan
Bodies of 37 passengers have been extricated so far and have been kept at the Khed municipal hospital, where the injured have also been admitted, he said.
Lang and contributors (also from the University Eye Hospital in Ulm, Germany, and the Municipal Hospital in Pforzheim, Germany) cover the examination, anatomy, epidemiology, etiology, symptoms, differential diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and clinical course relating to medical conditions affecting the eye.
Nation's Largest Municipal Hospital and Health System to Automate Patient Care Management and Discharge Process
Orange City Municipal Hospital and Clinic is an administrative department of Orange City, Iowa.
5 acres, the museum comprises two wings: the former Santurce Municipal Hospital, an historic two-story structure built in the 1920s; and a new five-story wing.
The Numazu municipal government has been ordered to pay some 100 million yen in compensation to the parents of a girl seriously injured when born due to negligence of doctors at a municipal hospital in Shizuoka Prefecture, the parents' lawyers said Thursday.
A kidney was earlier transplanted to another woman in her 40s from Hokkaido at a municipal hospital in Sapporo on Sunday.
In light of these facilities' responsibilities, there's simply no reason for a municipal hospital, on public property, supported directly and indirectly with public funds, to deny certain services because they fail to conform to the guidelines of a specific religious denomination.
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