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comb denotes radiation from any source.

Patient discussion about radio

Q. I heard a radio show about the children with ADHD. The signs are similar for my child. What should I expect? My 4 year son is very talkative. He is crazy to climbing the pole to reach the top of it. He is always running all round the house, shouting and causing all sorts of disturbance not only to us but to the neighbors too. Suddenly he goes in to a dull mood. His mind works too fast that he is unable to focus on a single task. I heard a radio show about the children with ADHD. The signs are similar for my child. What should I expect?

A. Children at this age are generally active and make a lot more noise and merry go around. They play as they wish. But if the child shows the symptoms for a relatively longer period say at the age of 6 then it is an alarming sign and needs a consultation with the doctor. If your child has a long history of these symptoms then you must consult a doctor. The early you diagnose, the better the treatment will be.

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The Nokia Siemens Networks Flexi Multiradio Base Station is the industry smallest, most energy-efficient multi-standard base station and shows Nokia Siemens Networks' commitment to environmental sustainability", says Tommi Uitto, Head of Wireless Access Product Management, Nokia Siemens Networks, "Flexi Multiradio Base Station supports 2G, 3G, and is LTE ready with a software upgrade only, highlighting our focus on commercial LTE hardware and software to meet the needs of commercial deployments worldwide".
The company used its commercial Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station to receive and send data in simultaneous downlink and uplink connections.
Green - Green Network Hardware and Infrastructure Alcatel-Lucent, Alcatel-Lucent Sustainable Power Solution Cradlepoint Technology, CBA250 Cellular-to-Ethernet Adapter Nokia Siemens Networks, Nokia Siemens Networks Flexi Multiradio Base Station VNL, VNL's WorldGSM Solar-powered GSM Base Station
Nokia Networks used its end-to-end LTE system including Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station and Flexi Zone for the LTE-M demonstration.
Based on Classic Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy, Wi-Fi (WLAN) and Multiradio solutions, connectBlue develops wireless system-on-modules, wireless ready-to-embed modules as well as wireless ready-to-use Serial / Ethernet Port Adapters and Access Points.
NSN said that its Flexi Multiradio 10 base station now supports 1.
The company will demonstrate MIMO 4x4 along with CA on the Flexi Multiradio 10 base station reaching 600 Mbps, the theoretical maximum of upcoming Cat.
NSN will upgrade STC's GSM and 3G networks to its Single RAN platform based on its Flexi Multiradio base station.
Nokia's end-to-end multiradio strategy covers many wireless technologies optimized for uses from local connectivity and fast data transport, to broadcasting technologies and full mobility of voice and data," said Tero Ojanpera, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Nokia.
In addition inter-eNodeB-Carrier Aggregation software allows operators to maximize return on investment of existing Flexi Multiradio 10 base stations through ultra dense deployments of over 50 macro and metro/small cells per site.
The end-to-end test was completed on Elisa's commercial LTE network in Finland with Broadcom's LTE-A Cat 6 technology using inter-band carrier aggregation and NSN's Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station.
The vendor will provide its energy-efficient Flexi Multiradio base stations to expand network coverage to under-served areas, including smaller towns and villages in the seven countries.