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The RM11200 multiprocessor expands PMC-Sierra's successful portfolio of highly integrated dual processor solutions, which includes the RM9000x2(TM) and RM9000x2GL(TM) (see Figure 2).
We rely on our AMD Athlon MP processor-based systems to run the high-end software we need for the compute-intense work Star Wars requires and we're excited about the future of AMD and the AMD Opteron(TM) multiprocessor because it will allow us to take our work even further than we did on Episode II.
John Ison, director of Product Management at Kinetix, the independent multimedia division of Autodesk: "Because 3D Studio MAX is highly multithreaded, users see a tremendous performance increase on multiprocessor machines.
In addition to its 256-KB option the Q-SMP also has available 1- and 2-MB caches dedicated per CPU, where the majority of multiprocessor servers on the market share the cache among processors.
The new multiprocessor server will be available later this month.
has purchased and installed several MAXION(TM) 9552 multiprocessor systems.
Each of these systems are equipped with the latest enhancements to our MAXION multiprocessor system - including the new MAX/OS operating system based on Novell UNIX(R) System Group's UNIX SVR 4.
Mosaic is a development stage company specializing in software tools which enhance performance and extend applications of multiprocessors.
The machines are the most powerful System/390 multiprocessors currently available.
Amdahl's 5995-12670M 12-way multiprocessors are the highest-capacity System/390 mainframes available anywhere in the world today, making them ideal for enterprise customers such as those with memory-constrained CICS applications.
The Jaguar-ATX evaluation board combines Marvell's industry leading MV64340 system controller and the powerful 1 GHz RM9000x1 or the dual 1GHz RM9000x2 multiprocessor from PMC-Sierra to enable customers to expedite the development of next-generation communications applications.
The flexibility of the RM9000x2 multiprocessor architecture allows it to address a large number of networking applications in both the control and data planes.
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