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n the use of two or more processors in a system configuration. One processor controls the system, and the others are subordinate to it.
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Its broad product offerings include multiprocessing chip sets, client systems and uniprocessor and symmetric multiprocessor servers that feature price/performance advantages.
The ES3000 coupled with Novell's multiprocessing technology will also generate many more opportunities for Tricord in the downsizing market, another fast growing segment of networking applications," added Mr.
Asymmetrical multiprocessing is an innovative form of de-coupled multiprocessing based on GMS' RAMP (Real-time Asymmetric Multi Processing) technology.
Tricord's PowerFrame ES5000 was the development platform and the demonstration platform used during Novell's multiprocessing technology announcement briefings held at the company's annual BrainShare conference on Wednesday, March 23.
As a provider of open systems-based symmetric multiprocessing systems, Wyse is pleased to be IBM's development partner in the SMP version of OS/2," said Aziz Valliani, vice president and general manager of Wyse's Systems Division.
The advantages of running Windows NT applications on Wyse's high performance multiprocessing platforms have been clearly demonstrated," said Joachim Kempin, senior vice president of OEM sales at Microsoft.
These tools provide a robust graphic interface for non-intrusive control, monitoring, analysis, and debugging of real-time multiprocessing applications.
Companies extending their SCO-based applications to enterprisewide solutions will appreciate the powerful combination of the Series 7000i multiprocessing system and SCO MPX," said Aziz Valliani, vice president and general manager of Wyse's Systems Division.
announced today that it is shipping both Microsoft(R) Windows NT(TM) and Windows NT Advanced Server(TM) operating systems pre-installed and tested on its line of client and server platforms, including symmetric multiprocessing servers.
Mosaic also believes its general-purpose parallel programming environment effectively reverses the drawbacks associated with today's programmer-intensive software mapping approaches to multiprocessing.
The SCO MPX multiprocessor extension will also be pre-installed on Wyse's Series 7000i symmetric multiprocessing system and available from Wyse by the end of the year.
announced today that it is the first systems platform manufacturer to offer symmetric multiprocessing architecture at all levels of integration: chip sets, system boards and systems.
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