multiplicative model

mul·ti·pli·ca·tive mod·el

a model in which the joint effect of two or more causes is the product of their effects if they were acting alone.
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Multiplicative model: the multiplicative model applies multiplicative weights to the dimensions of benefit from health care interventions.
Now, by using the CCR multiplicative model in input oriented form and solving the following model for each DMUs ([DMU.
Multiple regression analyses using a multiplicative model were performed to estimate the improvement in efficiency for higher SEER units at different temperatures and different times of day.
i] [not equal to] (1' 1 1), the fuzzy multiplicative model is suitable for intelligent assessment of buildings.
The second one is the multiplicative model in which [upsilon](c) = k u(c), [for all]c, for some constant k; Equation (1) can be integrated to give
Finally, the authors created a multiplicative model of 4 variants primarily associated with PSA concentration.
For the purpose of this discussion, we used a multiplicative model for semi-crystalline polymers proposed by G'Sell and Jonas (Rezgui et al.
The existence of both absolute advertising expenditure and brand's share of total advertising voice in Cobb-Douglas multiplicative model format improved the predictive power of the market share.
Hence the noise differs noticeably from the frequently assumed multiplicative model in the displayed medical MRI images.
The standard AF calculations generated from the multiplicative model using only these 10 conditions add up to over 100 percent of total prescription expenditures, indicating that the AFs for these conditions cannot be interpreted as shares (Table 2 column 6).
Smoothing the kinked revenue function of Burger and Walters into a continuous curve, as in our multiplicative model, would be consistent with a revenue function that is win elastic ([[delta].