multiple amputation

mul·ti·ple am·pu·ta·tion

amputation of two or more limbs or parts of limbs performed during the same operation.
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Despite having a multiple amputation at five months old, Connor made an amazing recovery.
The surgeon had never done a multiple amputation before.
For example attendant care services to people with spinal cord injury, multiple amputations, blindness or other physical disabilities.
What I saw I will never forget; multiple amputations, disfigured faces, wrecked bodies and grievous wounds suffered by men so very young.
Patients with higher anatomic levels and/or multiple amputations had markedly increased costs for inpatient surgery and pharmacy but lower outpatient costs, possibly because in the VHA system, a longer period of recovery and rehabilitation occurs in the inpatient setting for these patients.
A friend who flew home from Afghanistan with serious injuries requiring multiple amputations sent the 'Manx Missile' a text message, joking: "I've got a spare arm for you.
A friend, flown home from Afghanistan with serious injuries requiring multiple amputations, sent the Manx missile a joke text message, saying: "I've got a spare arm for you.
When Smith was four months old, he contracted meningococcal septicaemia, a form of sepsis, leaving him with multiple amputations.
CSM Hagans, who has two daughters, said his experiences at the army's rehabilitation centre at Headley Court had shown him how brave soldiers, some with multiple amputations, were.
The sore on her coccyx worsened and additional pressure sores developed on her ankles and feet, which ultimately necessitated multiple amputations.
A further two people will be left with life-altering after effects as severe as brain damage, deafness and multiple amputations.
For 2011, it reportedly reveals large increases in both single and multiple amputations among troops in Afghanistan.
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