multienzyme complex

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mul·ti·en·zyme com·plex

a structurally distinct and ordered collection of enzymes, often catalyzing successive steps in a metabolic pathway (for example, pyruvate dehydrogenase complex).


1. the sum or combination of various things, like or unlike, as a complex of clinical signs.
2. that portion of an electrocardiographic tracing that represents the systole of an atrium or ventricle.

antibody-antigen complex
a complex formed by the combining of antibody and antigen. Called also immune complex.
Golgi complex
a complex cellular organelle involved in the synthesis of glycoproteins, lipoproteins, membrane-bound proteins and lysosomal enzymes. See also golgi apparatus.
immune complex
antibody-antigen complex.
major histocompatibility complex (MHC)
see major histocompatibility complex.
multienzyme complex
the bringing together of all of the enzymes involved in a series of reactions such that the product of enzyme A is passed directly to enzyme B and so on to the final product.
olivary nuclear complex
gray matter located in the medulla oblongata dorsal to the pyramidal tracts; an important part of the motor feedback regulatory mechanism.
primary complex
the combination of a parenchymal pulmonary lesion and a corresponding lymph node focus, occurring in primary tuberculosis. Similar lesions may also be associated with other mycobacterial infections and with fungal infections.
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phosphorylated) multienzyme complex in this tissue compared with muscle (11).
Multienzyme complex for metabolic channeling in mammalian DNA replication.
LCHAD activity resides in a membrane-bound multienzyme complex that also contains long-chain 3-enoyl-CoA hydratase and longchain 3-ketoacyl-CoA thiolase activities (trifunctional protein) [10,11].

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