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n a philosophy that recognizes ethnic diversity within a society and that encourages others to be enlightened by worthwhile contributions to society by those of diverse ethnic backgrounds.
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American identity, is often problematically centered in liberal multiculturalist approaches to education.
consequently ethnic minorities' struggle based on the multiculturalists principles for the recognition of their religious identity by the state is not an initiative that places secularism under crisis'.
It was a deliberate collaboration between Achebe, his publishers, and Western multiculturalists that made it that way, to serve the personal interests of the first two parties and the political interests of the third.
Modood, 'Inclusive Britishness - A Multiculturalist Advance', Political Studies, Volume 61 (1) 2013.
This position-call it the strong multiculturalist position-posed an important challenge for liberal theories of toleration.
What follows is mostly based on multiculturalist approach and answers to these challenges.
Rapid global trends towards population heterogeneity have propelled the search for theoretical principles and practical programmes that can settle group-based disputes, guide social policy, and resolve once and for all the seemingly endless debates between biculturalists, multiculturalists, and advocates of a unitary national identity.
In fact, one of the elements of Cohen's joke, at the expense of the multiculturalist discourse, is that while the latter often presents images of cultural otherness as something noble (an inheritance of the noble savage topos still permeating both popular and unpopular imagination), Borat's otherness is constructed as something that cannot be framed as noble, even in our wildest dreams.
While Hollinger has not rank-ordered the blame, his article dwells much more on the inadequacies of the "communalist" vision that he sees lying at the heart of American Jewish historical writing, than on the multiculturalist impulse of the U.
Clustered down at the other end of Arena B are the multiculturalist educators.
And these reasons are, the multiculturalist concludes, so strong that they outweigh, in many of the controversial cases at least, the general reasons for morally accepting a principle of free expression.
And though ethnic identities originally encouraged assertions of America's rich multiculturalism, they also fueled those who opposed multiculturalist claims that race was a different and more persistent barrier.
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