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n a philosophy that recognizes ethnic diversity within a society and that encourages others to be enlightened by worthwhile contributions to society by those of diverse ethnic backgrounds.
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The speakers noted that at a time when hate speech, xenophobia and racial discrimination are on the rise in various parts of the world, with its working model of multiculturalism Azerbaijan is showing the possibility of peace, tolerance, acceptance and harmony among different religions and ethnic groups.
According to a renowned British historian Will Kymlicka, in the contemporary world and in Britain in particular, multiculturalism has become an issue of political saliency in particular in the context of 9/11 and terrorist activities carried out in Britain, by British citizens of Muslim immigrant background.
The work takes at aim at mainstream schools of thought regarding multiculturalism.
Declaration of the Year of Multiculturalism in Azerbaijan took place against the backdrop of religiously motivated ethnic conflicts in the Middle East.
In 'Yiddish and Multiculturalism', Rebecca Margolis examines the changing place of Yiddish within the context of four decades of multiculturalism.
Taking into account some of the difficulties posed by assimilationism with a homogenizing tendency as well as by multiculturalism, such scholars as Rogers Brubaker and the tandem of Christian Joppka and Ewa Morawska have argued for what Jansen calls "a liberal sociology of assimilation.
I suggest that by paying attention to other levels of governance it becomes apparent that although actors at the national level may be retreating from the norms underlying multiculturalism, this is not true of the substate and suprastate levels.
While those familiar with critical and anti-racist critiques of multiculturalism as state policy and as discourse will likely find little new in this volume, the book offers a broad albeit academic and theoretically technical introduction to the literature.
The collection of articles presented in this special issue of Multicultural Education takes on an enhanced level of topicality and immediacy in light of the crossroads at which both multiculturalism and multicultural education find themselves in both the United States and the West generally.
Rather than cultivate multiculturalism, this mentality actually cements existing divisiveness and inequality.
It may be true that Conservatives don't believe in multiculturalism.
Scholars who are critical and supportive of multiculturalism note how it is in 'retreat' or in question in different countries as leading politicians are rejecting it.
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