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n a philosophy that recognizes ethnic diversity within a society and that encourages others to be enlightened by worthwhile contributions to society by those of diverse ethnic backgrounds.
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American culture has been changing in dramatic fashion, becoming much more global and reflecting the influence of younger, more multicultural people.
The Victorian Coalition Government values the important role Victoria's multicultural media outlets play in providing information to Victorians who do not speak English or who simply prefer to listen to the news in their own language.
EPMG is the leading multicultural media buying and planning partner in the United States.
Twenty years later, as we move through the twenty-first century as an independent journal, the need for a publication such as Multicultural Education is no less.
In the first chapter, the principal author, Jeffrey Reitz, outlines the central thesis of the book by stating that a theory of human behaviour regarding the dynamics of inter-ethnic relations underlies the philosophy of multiculturalism and multicultural policy.
According to Tiedt and Tiedt (2010), the term multicultural education was used for the first time as a topic heading by Education Index in 1978.
First, we briefly review the ASCA National Model[R] and note its position on multicultural development.
Torres-Rivera, Phan, Maddux, Wilbur, and Garrett (2001) contend that one of the blocks to effective cultural training is the lack of distinction within the CACREP standards (CACREP, 2001) as to the direction and focus of multicultural training.
Our plans to add Hindi-language content is further evidence of SIVOO's commitment to offer the best multicultural on-demand entertainment on the Web," said Burhan Fatah, Ph.
Johnson and his club members also participate with other groups on campus in the college's Multicultural Day held in the spring, one of the biggest events of the year on campus.
Each year, the company organizes two mega festivals (now called the Toni Trent Parker Multicultural Book Festival): the Kennedy Center's Multicultural Book Fair, which is held the first Saturday in November and attracts upwards of 8,000 people; and in April, the fair takes place at Harlem's famed Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine and attracts thousands, as well.
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