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/μg/ microgram.


abbreviation for microgram.



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Q. what should I do to prevent heart attack?

A. The American Heart Association recommends that heart attack prevention begin by age 20. This means assessing your risk factors and working to keep them low. For those over 40, or those with multiple risk factors, it’s important to calculate the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in the next 10 years. Many first-ever heart attacks or strokes are fatal or disabling, so prevention is critical. The sooner you begin comprehensive risk reduction, the longer and stronger your heart will beat. For the full article and a quiz to test your heart health:
the abc's of preventing a heart attack: Hope this helps.

Q. My friend says she has asthma but has never had an asthma attack. How can it be?

A. Test this is a test

This is a test

Q. What cause Asthma? How Do i treat Asthma attack?

A. here is a tutorial that explains asthma very efficiently:

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Horlicks is becoming the ultimate trendy nightcap, with stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Colin Farrell reportedly enjoying a mugful to aid sweet dreams.
A cheerful "better luck next time" inscription would be ideal decoration for a mugful of consoling tea or gin.
About half a mugful of Bitesize Shredded Wheat, topped with a small pot of low-fat yoghurt (try Muller Vitality Pre & Probiotic with added Omega 3).