Attachment organelle of aseptate gregarines, similar to an epimerite; the latter is set off from the rest of the gregarine body by a septum.
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A short Conochitina species with a clear flexure and shoulder, both the slightly claviform chamber as well as the neck are of nearly equal length; the convex base shows a mucron and a concentric ridge; the vesicle wall has a microgranulous surface and the aperture is straight.
Vesicles (or aerocysts) may be spherical, ovoid, pyriform or of any intermediate shape; they are smooth or bear a mucron which may be simple or multiple, thin and spine-like, foliar, or in crown.
9 cm long, 8-9 cm in diameter (excluding the petals), apex rounded and bearing an apical coma of small sterile bracts; floral bracts suborbicular, navicular, thick-coriaceous and lignified along the median zone, membranaceous near the basal margins, bicarinate to tricarinate, enfolding the ovary, pale yellowish-castaneous except for the whitish marginal area, outside densely and coarsely white-lepidote, inside glabrous, apex acuminate and long-mucronate, 35-40 mm long, including the 10-13 mm long pale castaneous suberect mucron, 20-29 mm wide, equaling 3/4 of petals length.
The central part of the base carries a wide conical mucron, formed by a thin membrane or wall.
The mucron is often hidden at the centre of the concave base (see Loydell et al.
The base is slightly convex or flat with a little button-like mucron in the centre.
Con cui nella man destra il mucron tiene, / E nella mancha le billanze ha in guarda.
7, polystichously disposed, suberect, sessile, subflabellate-pulvinate, 35 x 15-20 mm (excluding the petals), 3- to 4-flowered; floral bracts of the fascicles narrowly ovate-triangular, acuminate and ending in a short, acicular mucron, distinctly carinate mainly toward the apex, slightly shorter than the sepals, suberect, apple green, finely nerved, glabrous except for the densely white-lanate apex and apical keel, 28-30 x 10-15 mm, thinly coriaceous toward the apex and along the keel and membranaceous toward the base and the margins, margins densely spinulose at the middle, spines ca.
Base carries a wide low callus with depression at the centre, where discrete mucron is situated.
In flattened specimens the base is flat and the mucron is not seen.
The mucron is usually not seen in flattened specimens and in those with an indented base.
I HAVE just been to my local chemist to buy some mucrons (decongestant) to help clear up catarrh, left over from a recent cold.