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, pl.


(myū'krō, myū'krō'nēz),
A term denoting the pointed extremity of a structure.
[L. point, sword]


n. pl. mucrones (myo͞o-krō′nēz)
A sharp, pointed part or organ, especially a sharp terminal point, as of a leaf or shell.


any pointed structure, particularly that at the tip of the springing organ (furcula) of Collembola.
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Review of the New World species of Salina (Collembola: Paronellidae) with bidentate mucro, including a key to all New World members of Salina.
3L), length less than % of width, anterior margin straight and directed backwards laterally, mucro central, poorly evident, antemucronal slope slightly convex (Fig.
Elitro sin gibas o dientes basales, estria 4 abreviada, un poco antes de la base, estria 3 y 5 extendiendose muy cerca de la base; metafemur con un diente basal largo distante del pecten, el pecten con 4 dientes pequenos, mucro tibial inconspicuo, no mas que 1/4 que la anchura apical de la metatibia.
Mucro with apical tooth slightly bigger than subapical one, and with mucronal spine reaching the tip of subapical tooth.
El genero Merobruchus presenta el pronoto campaniforme, con el disco sin gibas y carina lateral obsoleta; estria 3-4 o 3-6 con pequenas gibas o denticulos; femur posterior grande conuna espina grande seguida de 2-3 espinas mas pequenas; tibia posterior arqueada basalmente, carinada, mucro mas largo que el denticulo coronal lateral (Kingsolver 1988).
However, the form of the septum is markedly different: it has the shape of a small, flattened ball in inhacaense, while it is hemispheric with ear-like right-oriented mucro in auriculatum.
The tail valve granules appear in the post-mucronal area, distal from the mucro (Figs.
6 mm wide, ovate to oblong, acute to acuminate, often with the midvein prolonged as a short mucro, withish to stramineous translucent with a pale green to stramineous 3-nerved mid-zone, the margins scarious, hyaline.
5-6 cm wide, basally truncate or rounded, apically obtuse or rounded, mucronate or retuse through the loss of the mucro, with revolute margins; hypophyllous glands very numerous, a few small to medium-sized glands per side near the base of the lamina 3-5 mm from the margin and with numerous (60-200) minute glands with a narrow circumvallation irregulary distributed in a zone 1-12 mm from the margin; midvein impressed above, (sub)prominent below, the lateral veins obscure on both surfaces or subprominent below.
subrhombic, margin subentire, with short, upcurved mucro.
Mucro serrated in one lamellae, sometimes the other lamella slightly serrated (fig.
4 mm; integumento del cuerpo obscuro o rojizo, o rojo obscuro con el humero elitral obscuro; patas de color castano, excepto metatibia rojiza; vestidura en general de color blanca amarillenta, areas laterales sin contrastar con pubescencia cafe y negro, dorso con pubescencia variegata amarillo y cafe; metatibia con mucro alrededor de la anchura del apice de la tibia; corona tibial con el diente lateral fuerte; metacoxa uniformemente punteada; armadura del saco interno de la genitalia del macho como en las Figs.