mucogingival junction

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mucogingival junction

Etymology: L, mucus + gingiva, gum, jungere, to join
the scalloped linear area of the gums that separates the free gingiva from the attached gingiva, also called the alveolar mucosa. It can be seen easily by pulling the mandibular lip outward and looking at the labial mucosa of the mandible.

mucogingival junction

A scalloped, indistinct boundary between the gingiva and the oral mucosa on the alveolar process. The coral color of gingiva may be contrasted with the more vascular oral mucosa. Also called the mucogingival line.
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mu·co·gin·gi·val junc·tion

(myūkō-jinji-văl jungkshŭn)
Area visible in the oral cavity where the tissues forming gingiva and oral mucosa join. There is a distinct contrast in color of the two tissues; gingiva more coral pink; compared with the redder shiny alveolar mucosa.
Synonym(s): mucogingival line.

mucogingival junction, mucogingival line

the junction between gingiva attached to underlying bone and the flap overlying the tooth.
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Determining the precise position of the mucogingival junction can be difficult.
Procedure: After anesthetizing the area, a horizontal incision was given to demark attached gingival from the oral mucosa at the mucogingival junction and a split thickness flap was raised and excised, maintaining the normal architecture of the gingiva (fig 1b).
Further intraoral palpation revealed a hard swelling in the mucogingival junction in relation to the left maxillary lateral incisor.