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1. Resembling mucilage; that is, adhesive, viscid, sticky.
2. Synonym(s): muciparous


Resembling mucilage; i.e., adhesive, viscid, sticky.


(mū′sĭ-lĭj) [L. mucilago, moldy juice]
Thick, viscid, adhesive liquid, containing gum or mucilaginous principles dissolved in water, usually employed to suspend insoluble substances in aqueous liquids or as a demulcent.
mucilaginous (mū-sĭl-ăj′ĭn-ŭs), adjective
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acaciae germinate without water after they are stuck by the mucilaginous layer to Acacia branches or even to stones after dispersal.
Trichomes are cylindrical, screwlike coiled, solitary or forming fine, mucilaginous mats.
The mucilaginous substances in the corms absorb and store water, which is especially important in winter when water is often limited by the cold conditions (Stevens & Dill 1942) as well as during droughts.
In the ventral canal cell, vesicles and Golgi bodies increase, whilst mucilaginous materials accumulate around this cell (Fig.
The fresh juice of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus), due to its high mucilaginous content, has been traditionally used for the treatment of gastritis.
In fact, the mucilaginous aspects of the seeds in a liquid could make for a very healthy alternative or substitute for some oil or eggs in various cooking (cake) recipes or salad dressings.
Mucilaginous herbs are soothing and often have an anti-tussive effect, for example Althea officinalis, Verbascum thapsus , Plantago lanceolata, Trigonella foenum-graecum, which are also antiinflammatory.
They are considered efficient and fast colonizers, because many species have specialized structures to attach to substratum, such as mucilaginous stalks, production of mucilaginous matrices and formation of base fixed colonies (ROUND, 1991).
Bernstein also mentioned the edible pads of prickly pear, referred to as nopales, that have a taste somewhere between spinach and cucumber, a mucilaginous texture, and may be cooked with omelettes or meat or eaten fresh in salad.
Rubbing the leaves and water together reveals the mucilaginous quality of sassafras leaves.
The microbes' surface is coated in a mucilaginous substance to which sediment particles rolling past get stuck.
Grey provides a remarkable example of the prevailing ignorance about indigenous societies in a citation from his fellow explorer, Captain Stuart, who, on encountering a group of Aboriginals engaged in gathering large quantities of mimosa gum, deduced the "unfortunate creatures were reduced to the last extremity in collecting this mucilaginous.