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1. Resembling mucilage; that is, adhesive, viscid, sticky.
2. Synonym(s): muciparous


Resembling mucilage; i.e., adhesive, viscid, sticky.


(mū′sĭ-lĭj) [L. mucilago, moldy juice]
Thick, viscid, adhesive liquid, containing gum or mucilaginous principles dissolved in water, usually employed to suspend insoluble substances in aqueous liquids or as a demulcent.
mucilaginous (mū-sĭl-ăj′ĭn-ŭs), adjective
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The consortium with the highest percentage of discoloration was formed by Rhodotorula mucilaginous E48i, Galactomyces pseudocandidum, E.
Cover the wound with up to 2 inches of this mucilaginous comfrey goo, and leave it on for an hour or until the pain subsides.
The blinding procedure of this study leaves one asking, wouldn't the patients know they were not getting an application of a mucilaginous gel?
Acemannan forms a protective mucilaginous layer around the urogenital tract of victims of opportunistic pathogens, but this occurs only when the Aloe juice is consumed orally.
Once established, didymo is capable of thickly covering the entire stream bottom through production of extracellular stalks which can accumulate into mucilaginous mats several centimeters thick (Spaulding and Elwell, 2007; Blanco and Ector, 2009).
The plant received the common name of puttyroot from the mucilaginous substances in the corms that Native Americans and pioneers used as a paste to mend broken pottery (Correll 1950; Whiting & Catling 1986).
That dormancy in nightshade is due to the use of inadequate extraction methods while the seed dormancy in jute mallow is caused by the impermeability of the mucilaginous coat surrounding the seed [5].
Moench) is used in traditional Asian and African medicine as a mucilaginous food additive, which functions as a protective agent against gastric irritation and inflammatory diseases.
The sugary and mucilaginous pulp of the myrobalan fruit gives an unctuous, almost viscous or rubbery consistency (unlike the gall nuts used in other countries), which means that it can be applied without running and without needing any extra thickener.
It is mucilaginous (similar to Malabar spinach) and has an extremely slippery texture.
2001) Isolation, Purification and some Structural Features of the Mucilaginous Exudate from Musa paradisiaca.