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Symbol for nuclear magneton.
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What they would love to achieve now is their own international MUN at ISG.
Jalal Abu Khater, 17, of Occupied Jerusalem, and Mona Yasin, 17, of Ramallah, are two students who are members of the board of the MUN club at the Friends School in Ramallah.
EIMUN's answer to Ban Ki-Moon came in the form of Masters' student Ksenia Sinelik from Moscow State University of International Relations, with more than six years of MUN experience to her name.
A text comparable to MUN 70, a list of villages connected with the ERES.
Commenting on the MUN, Kathryn King, associate director of student development at SFS-Q, said: "It is run by Georgetown SFS-Q students - students leading the world in the study of international affairs.
Obviously it's just a game but it makes you feel very important," said Ksenia Sinelnik, Secretary General of the Emirates International MUN (Emimun).
In fact, with only minor differences these two years correspond to those of the MUN Chemistry and Biochemistry BSc and to the requirements for entry into the MUN Pharmacy program.
The sessions were facilitated and guided by experienced members of the MUN and academic communities from Qatar and around the world.
Jackson said he hopes that more schools in Muscat will start their own MUN clubs, and that more Omanis will get involved, as did some of the students from Azzan Bin Qais and The Sultan's School.
As per the recognition and procedural agreement, signed by both the company and MUN, only the majority of the members affected by a dispute may vote in favour or against such industrial action.
Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service in Qatar, Northwestern University in Qatar and The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) Qatar will jointly hold the first- ever Qatar MUN and Film Leadership Co4nference from today.
The union called on the management of Purity Manganese not to go ahead with its intention to terminate the Recognition and Procedural Agreement with the MUN.