moving phase

moving phase,

n in chromatography, the gas that carries the vapors from the investigated sample all the way through the column of the gas-liquid chromatograph. Also called
mobile phase.
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This system is commonly used to separate components and ions into two phases namely moving phase and stationary phase.
The pace of your life could be about to alter, ending a slower moving phase where not a lot was happening.
Thus, the supplementary constitutive information needed to avoid the non-uniqueness of the solution of the boundary-value problem is provided by means of non-equilibrium jump relations at the moving phase boundary, which are formulated in terms of excess quantities.
Numerical simulations of the phase-transition front propagation in a Ni-Ti bar show that the entropy production at the moving phase boundary and latent heat release provide two different contributions in the temperature variation.
Among many possible uses of SofTak coated paper or board is preventing slippage of palletized loads or furniture, temporary hospital flooring and as floor mats for new buildings to protect highly polished surfaces during a moving phase.
We select our staff very carefully because we know that during the initial moving phase, a relocation agent must above all act as the transferee's honest and dependable partner.
U_252001: Moving Phase 2 - forwarding services: - Delivery of approximately 2 000 relocation cardboard type II, 4 rolls of bubble wrap,: - One-and Auspackhilfe for 700 meters of filing (teaching aids, or similar),: - Disassembly and reassembly of all the moved pin boards, whiteboards and projection screens,: - Retrieval of empties after the unpacking of all affected properties expected in 4 steps,: - Relocation of classes, preparation and staff rooms and technical rooms (ICT, Physics, Chemistry),: - Special transport of approximately 50 linear meters of chemicals in appropriate containers and provision of 30 plastic boxes for transporting chemicals,: - The supply of about 5 000 Moving labels in different colors prescribed.
The Focus3D offers advanced functionality through a simple user interface and expands the user base beyond the expert, moving phase shift laser scanning across the technology chasm," stated Jay Freeland, FARO's Chief Executive Officer.
TI will begin moving Phase II equipment into the facility immediately so it is ready to be brought online as market demand warrants.