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We go down in the pit of death and feel the waters of annihilation close above our heads and wake thinking to find ourselves in the presence of the angels and the harpers when we have a tooth out and come to the surface in the dentist's arm-chair and confuse his "Rinse the mouthrinse the mouth" with the greeting of the Deity stooping from the floor of Heaven to welcome us.
The aim of this study was to retrospectively evaluate the time for which a chlorhexidine gluconate mouthrinse (CGM) and tissue conditioner (TC), which are routinely used in daily clinical practice, should be used on palatal erythema patients wearing complete dentures.
Another home use study examined a neem-based (Azadirachta indica) mouthrinse, which is derived from the leaves of a tree indigenous to India and considered to have medicinal properties.
In another clinical study, fluocinolone containing zinc mouth rinse compared to the mouthrinse without zinc was found to be more effective in the treatment of oral Lichen planus by reducing the surface area of the wound and also the concomitant ache (pain).
Active ingredients vary depending on the type of mouthrinse, however they can be placed into four general groups: First group include antimicrobial agents which act directly on oral microorganism to help reduce plaque, decrease the severity of gingivitis and control bad breath.
Contract awarded for chlorhexidine digluconate + sodium fluoride, mouthrinse 0.
12% chlorhexidine gluconate, 2% sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), a mouthrinse containing essential oils and alcohol and 50% white vinegar, for bacterial disinfection of toothbrushes.
Effects of mouthrinse on Knoop hardness and surface roughness of dental composites after different immersion times.
The American Dental Hygienists' Association's Standards for Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice emphasize the necessity for dental hygienists to use cutting-edge scientific evidence in the implementation of a preventive oral hygiene regimen for our patients, such as a brush, floss and mouthrinse routine.
Various studies have corroborated the superiority of chlorhexidine as a preprocedural mouthrinse over quartenary ammonium compounds and herbal extracts in reducing the viability of the bioaerosol.
OraCare Mouthrinse is advocating its newest campaign "It's Real Good for Me" that aims to inspire the younger generation to be conscious about their oral hygiene as early as possible and adopt the habit of choosing things that will be good for them.