mounting medium

mount·ing me·di·um

a substance, usually resinous, used for mounting a cover glass on histologic suspensions.
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Pitfalls to be avoided include improper centering of the medium droplet on the slide, using too little medium to accommodate the coverslip, and failure to rinse reactive macerants from the specimen prior to transfer to the mounting medium.
The brain tissues were placed in a cryostat and 30[micro]m sections were cut, free-floating in PBS, mounted on to glass slides and finally embedded with a fluorescence mounting medium.
We have selected silver flake (or tin flake for preparing sulfides since sulfides reacts with silver) as a mounting medium since they have good electrical conductivity, bleed the charge and help to conduct away the heat generated from the electron beam sample interaction and do not add an excessive number of peaks to the x-ray spectrum at analysis time.
Finally, the specimens were rinsed and embedded in Glycergel mounting medium (Dako), covered with glass, and investigated with a traditional light microscope.
Species whose glandular cells are not prone to extensive swelling might be scored as schizogenous regardless of the mounting medium.
Avoid destroying evidence by shotblasting Preserve cavity linings by filling with mounting medium prior to polishing Avoid contamination from polishing medium/ water Prepare plane through unexposed portion of cavity