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A two-wheel motorised personal vehicle which is associated with a much higher risk of injury and death than that typical of four-wheeled motor vehicles
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Back at Gateway, attendants at the AM/PM gas station confirmed that a motorcyclist matching a description provided by police had bought gas there before 8:45 p.
Half-an-hour later an accident involving a motorcyclist and a pushbike happened in Coton Road, Nuneaton.
The study also found that motorcyclists were almost 28 times more likely to be nonfatally injured than motor vehicle drivers.
Motorcyclists were allowed permanent access to bus lanes in London in 2011 and Birmingham last year.
The motorcyclist was taken ambulance to Ysbyty Gwynedd with cuts and bruises.
POLICE are cracking down on dangerous motorcyclists following a rise in accidents and speeders racing at over 100mph.
Police signaled them to stop but the motorcyclists tired to escape.
There has to be greater effort from authorities and the motorcyclists themselves to cut this carnage.
To begin with, police in states that require adults to use helmets have the authority to stop a motorcyclist simply for failing to wear one, while police in most states still need some other reason to stop a motorist before they can cite him for not buckling up.
The 32-year-old motorcyclist collided with a Vauxhall Cavalier on the A713 Ayr to Dalmellington road.
Allow more following distance - three or four seconds - when behind a motorcycle so the motorcyclist has enough time to maneuver or stop in an emergency.
The male motorcyclist died as a result of the injuries he received in the crash.