motor plate

mo·tor plate

a motor endplate.

mo·tor end·plate

(mō'tŏr end'plāt)
The large and complex end-formation by which the axon of a motor neuron establishes synaptic contact with a striated muscle fiber (cell).
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Homeowners simply need to snap out the existing motor plate assembly in their current bath fan and snap in the new replacement one in the kit.
Plat Form, Crode Motor Plate Form And Farce Repairing Of Ekg Shovel 439 At Akwmocp Of Katras Area
Multiple hole Locations on the mounting plate allow for the Retro Z to be fastened at variable heights, and a corresponding motor plate is included to allow for the mounting of a customers existing Z motors to the Retro Z Axis.
Furthermore, there is no motor plate to catch food because the motor information is etched into the body.
Contract notice: Supply of operating table with accessories, bone drills, rehabilitation motor plate, knee rehabilitation programmable motor plate
During yesterday's hearing before Judge David Morris, Smeda and Crooks pleaded guilty to conspiracy to steal motor vehicles and motor plates between March 1 last year and March 19.