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Sivak and Schoettle suggest that manufacturers can design self-driving vehicles to lessen the likelihood of motion sickness by:
The smell of spicy or greasy foods is a known trigger of motion sickness.
One of the first sign of motion sickness is that your mouth starts to fill with saliva.
ALTHOUGH there is no cure for motion sickness, it can be prevented in all but some extreme cases.
The efficacy of medications used to treat vertigo often can be inferred from their usefulness in treating motion sickness.
This highly portable specialized travel guide includes invaluable tips suggestions how to carry additional medication in case of loss, avoiding and treating diarrhea, malaria prevention, wound and skin care, insect repellents, pain management, motion sickness, even a favorite cold remedy.
Lieutenant Hansen attributes 60 percent of one's success in preventing motion sickness to diet alone (see sidebar).
Bluffs are often more easily accessible to the public, and no boat trips means no motion sickness.
The patient was briefed about the transport and given 10 mg of metoclopramide to prevent motion sickness.
Contest organisers confessed they had not expected so many of the 33 original teams to survive the stifling humidity, motion sickness, claustrophobic conditions and just ten minutes to use the toilet each day.
Medications that fight nausea (anti-histamines) or dizziness (transdermal skin patches) can be used to treat motion sickness.