mother surrogate

moth·er sur·ro·gate

one who substitutes for or takes the place of the mother.
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In terms of compensation for service on a global level, there are two forms of surrogate mothers, surrogate mother surrogate mother altruistic and commercial (Hatzis, 2003: 415).
Finding its roots in her deprived childhood (ironically frozen out of her own family in the way she would be by the Windsors), Simpson was a manipulative social climber who, while on her second husband, calculatedly set out to win Edward and make him, weak of will and with a mother surrogate obsession, dependent upon her.
And since they are used to taking whatever they need in life, these two smart scavengers adopt a similar approach to this mother surrogate.
Instead it leads Bonaparte to conclude that these figures are not meant to criticize Aunt Lumb, who was her mother surrogate, but rather reveal what Gaskell could never acknowledge openly, that she was utterly miserable while living with Aunt Lumb.