mossy fibers

moss·y fi·bers

highly branched nerve fiber's in the cerebellar cortex that terminate in rosette formations and synapse on granule cell dendrites.
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All hippocampal mossy fibers contain zinc in presynaptic vesicles, and [Zn.
The region of interest was set in the stratum lucidum, where mossy fiber terminals exist.
Glutamate exocytosis at hippocampal mossy fiber boutons is enhanced in zinc-deficient rats (Takeda et al.
Inhibition of presynaptic activity by zinc released from mossy fiber terminals during tetanic stimulation.
Mossy fibers send excitatory glutamatergic outputs to granule neurons, which in turn transmit excitatory synaptic information to Purkinje cells (Fig.
1),(3)-(6) According to Albus, (6) the major information flow in the cerebellum is mossy fibers > granule cells (parallel fibers) > Purkinje cells > cerebellar and vestibular nuclear neurons.
2006) Potentiation of mossy fiber EPSCs in the cerebellar nuclei by NMDA receptor activation followed by postinhibitory rebound current.
Hippocampus analyses revealed disturbed cell firing, depressed cell responses to electric stimulation, dwindling numbers of synapses, and an expansion of a class of cells called mossy fibers that may disrupt overall hippocampus function.