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Angelo, Italian physiologist, 1846-1910. See: Mosso ergograph, Mosso sphygmomanometer.
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This story, too, like others in Adagio un poco mosso, concludes with a twist: the elderly lady capitalizes on the perception of others who see her as meek, helpless, and pitiful, and turns out to have behaved in an entirely premeditated manner; her shoplifting may have been done out of necessity, but she also knew full well that it was unlikely she would be arrested or taken to court, given her age.
Mosso had not noticed the white sign posted that told riders in an easily readable font: "Since routes 1, 4, 5, 11, 14, 15, 16, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 29, 30, 31 & 42 will not service City Hall the WRTA has implemented a FREE Union Station Hub and City Hall Shuttle from 7:00 a.
Altro merito dei due curatori del volume e dunque quello di avere ricostruito i complessi passaggi linguistici seguiti da Antonio Liruti nella sua operazione di riscrittura, senza trascurare in alcun modo la cornice teorica in cui l'autore si e mosso (si vedano le fitte note, che costituiscono una vera e propria miniera di informazioni bibliografiche).
It's a matter of quality and consumer demand," said Christian Mosso, president of Christian Mosso and Associates, whose showroom includes several European lines.
Jim was born and raised in Leominster, son of the late Lewis and Nellie (Junkala) Mosso.
E gia il lettore anticipa la conclusione del recensore: "La riscrittura e cosi insofferente degli scopi divulgativi da cui ha mosso, che si presenta come un esasperato idioletto del riscrittore.
They were joined by Remington-Freeman, New York; Christian Mosso & Assoc.
supported by FASB members David Mosso, Robert Sprouse and Ralph Walters in their dissent on the adoption of FASB Statement no.
We chose vMUSE Enterprise because it gives us tremendous flexibility," said Mario Mosso, operations manager at OMA.
Sponsored by Microsoft BizSpark, Moontoast, Mosso, The Rackspace Cloud and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, more than 200 companies submitted to demo at SXSW and 20 were chosen as finalists in four different categories: online video-related technologies, online music-related technologies, social networking and innovative web applications.
Textured bedspreads were popular here -- from chenille at Christian Mosso to seersucker at Liaison Traders and matelasse, chenille and tapestry at Sferra Bros.
The rhythmic vitality is maintained in the next section, "poco meno mosso," but the language is now that of whole-tone scales and augmented triads.