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Gerald, U.S. physician, 1931-1973. See: Moss tube.


Melvin L., 20th-century U.S. oral pathologist. See: Gorlin-Chaudhry-Moss syndrome.


1. Any low growing, delicate cryptogamous plant of the class Musci.
2. Popularly, any one of a number of lichens and seaweeds.
[A.S. meōs]


Any low-growing green plant of the class Musci.

Iceland moss

An edible lichen, Cetraria islandica. It is a demulcent that has been promoted as a treatment for bladder, kidney and lung diseases.

Irish moss

1. Carrageen.
2. Carrageenan.

peat moss

1. Any moss of the large genus Sphagnum whose decomposed and compacted remains form peat. The moss is absorptive and acidic and inhibits growth of bacteria and fungi. Synonym: sphagnum moss
2. The decomposed and compacted remains of the mosses, used as a soil conditioner and as a dressing for wounds. It has also been used by some primitive people as a form of external menstrual protection. Synonym: sphagnum moss

sphagnum moss

Peat moss.


any bryophyte of the class Musci. Usually these are small plants (less than 5 cm high) attached to moist or wet substrates by rhizoids; this is the SPOROPHYTE generation. The sexual organs are borne on a GAMETOPHYTE generation and the ANTHERIDIA and ARCHEGONIA are on separate leaf rosettes. The male gametes are motile and after fertilization a diploid sporophyte is produced, within which haploid spores are developed, each spore giving rise to a protonema from which the new gametophyte develops.
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His earlier work had suggested that fertile mosses attract little animals; the new tests show that fertile moss shoots emit many scent compounds, suggesting that scent guides springtails to those fertile shoots.
By collecting mosses on the forest floor and then at 15 and 30 metres up into the forest canopy, the study was able to show that the cyanobacteria are more abundant in mosses high above the ground, and that they 'fix' twice as much nitrogen as those associated with mosses on the forest floor.
You'll want to be sure to use appropriate mosses for the various sun exposures and different substrates of your garden.
Then maybe defensive coordinators would begin basing their whole game plans around where one of these Mosses lined up.
Incorrect use of a lawnmower can cause moss, especially where the grass is cut too short and here hard compact mosses can build up.
In addition to the creative use of featuring mosses as a garden focal point, you might consider using them more as a garden mainstay, for example in place of bark or pine mulch, since it meets the same insulation and water retention needs of your plants and bushes.
After more than a century of speculation by biologists, a lab test has shown that mosses have their own animal-courier system for sperm that's similar to pollination, researchers say.
Liverworts form a thick green crust on the soil surface and, like mosses, require lots of moisture to thrive.
The Mosses are used to having 4-5 lattes a day and were having a "latte withdrawal.
Some mosses coped with the transition by becoming perennial green cushions, while others took up a style of living fast and dying young.
The Mosses were flooded out of their Casa Grande Drive home after a weekend of El Nino rain.