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Gerald, U.S. physician, 1931-1973. See: Moss tube.


Melvin L., 20th-century U.S. oral pathologist. See: Gorlin-Chaudhry-Moss syndrome.


1. Any low growing, delicate cryptogamous plant of the class Musci.
2. Popularly, any one of a number of lichens and seaweeds.
[A.S. meōs]


Any low-growing green plant of the class Musci.

Iceland moss

An edible lichen, Cetraria islandica. It is a demulcent that has been promoted as a treatment for bladder, kidney and lung diseases.

Irish moss

1. Carrageen.
2. Carrageenan.

peat moss

1. Any moss of the large genus Sphagnum whose decomposed and compacted remains form peat. The moss is absorptive and acidic and inhibits growth of bacteria and fungi. Synonym: sphagnum moss
2. The decomposed and compacted remains of the mosses, used as a soil conditioner and as a dressing for wounds. It has also been used by some primitive people as a form of external menstrual protection. Synonym: sphagnum moss

sphagnum moss

Peat moss.


any bryophyte of the class Musci. Usually these are small plants (less than 5 cm high) attached to moist or wet substrates by rhizoids; this is the SPOROPHYTE generation. The sexual organs are borne on a GAMETOPHYTE generation and the ANTHERIDIA and ARCHEGONIA are on separate leaf rosettes. The male gametes are motile and after fertilization a diploid sporophyte is produced, within which haploid spores are developed, each spore giving rise to a protonema from which the new gametophyte develops.
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Among the company's best sellers are its Lhasa rug design in the orange and violet colorway, the Cancun rug design in the turquoise and moss green colorway, the Nantucket striped rug design in black and white, and the Tangier cube in the celery and white colorway, he added.
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Celebrity fashion watchers like Abbey Clancy, Tamara Ecclestone, members of the Made in Chelsea cast and MTV's Laura Whitmore watched as models wore soft shades of buttermilk, yellow, moss green, duck egg blue and white in Julien's vision for spring/summer 2015.
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For example, you can update last season's sage check cushions and throws by mixing in darker or brighter green accessories, such as the West Cushions in Bay Leaf which are filled with the softest duck feather and down inners A moss green carpet will give you a beautiful natural look which works perfectly with earthy rust tones as well as shades of green, while an emerald carpet is the ultimate in glamorous flooring this season.
Beige, moss green and browns tend to be the colours with attention to fun detail and interesting stitching and even draping hoods to make them individual to 2011.
And he's right: The two seemingly dissimilar works are transformed by the realization that they hold in common a certain roughly torn shape of a corresponding moss green.
These bouquets were all different and reflected the personalities and tastes of each attendant The bouquets were hand tied with moss green satin ribbon accented with pearls.
Moss green suits every skin tone and is very easy to wear, as it's not too bright.
The chairs are made of hand-assembled polyester fabric on a water-repellent stained eucalyptus frame and come in yellow, natural, red, spring green, cobalt blue, orange and moss green ($75).