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[G. moschos, musk]
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This means that 'caro mi fu' in 'L'infinito' is a conflation of Moschus and Theocritus.
Theocrithe, Bion, Moschus, Anacreon et autres, appeles vulgairement petites poetes, publies par M.
He had a penchant for translating works with homoerotic content, including elegies of Bion and Moschus and epigrams of Plato.
Some of the wipes also include halogen organic compounds, which have been related to allergies and cancer, formaldehyde--which has been linked to cancer and the skin allergy dermatitis--and Moschus compounds, which are synthetic perfumes that can accumulate in human fat.
Against his Sabbatian opponent, Moschus defends particularly the Christian veneration of the Cross and "the icons of martyrs," practices considered idolatrous by his adversary.
For instance, both Cudworth and Vossius claimed that Democritus got his theory from one Moschus.
Strong corroboration comes from Moschus, Europa 117f.
22) The translations are "Musaeus of Hero and Leander", "The Runaway Cupid; out of Moschus," and "The Honey-stealer: the 20th Idyllium of Theocritus.
Chadwick, `John Moschus and his friend Sophronius the Sophist', JTS, NS, 25 (1974), 41-74, at p.
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The conventions of the pastoral were developed by the Alexandrian school of poetry, particularly by Theocritus, Bion, and Moschus, in the 3rd-2nd century BC.