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[G. moschos, musk]
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1495 Musaeus 1495(-98) Aristotle Theophrastus 1496 Theocritus, Bion, Moschus, Hesiod, Theognis Scriptores grammatici 1498 Aristophanes 1499 Astronomici veteres Epistolographi graeci 1502 Stephanus Byzantinus Pollux Thucydides Sophocles Herodotus 1503 Euripides Ammonius Hermiae Ulpian & Harpocration Xenophon, Hellenica 1504 Philostratus Philoponus Demosthenes 1508-1509 Rhetores graeci, including Aristotle, Rhetorica 1509 Plutarch Oratores graeci 1513 Pindar Plato 1514 Alexander Aphrodisias Athenaeus Hesychius.
34) An anonymous review in the Athenaeum 439 (March 26, 1836): 221-222 opined that even Bion and Moschus were "late" literary revivals of an earlier, purer idyll, written solely by Theocritus.
Adonais is an elegy after the manner of Moschus, on a foolish young man, who, after writing some volumes of very weak, and in the greater part, of very indecent poetry, died some time since of a consumption: the breaking down of an infirm constitution having, in all probability, been accelerated by the discarding of his neckcloth, a practice of the cockney poets, who look upon it as essential to genius, inasmuch as neither Michel Angelo, Raphael, nor Tasso are supposed to have worn these antispiritual encumbrances.
Perpetua 9-10) dreams of fighting a giant Egyptian, who is recognized as the devil; later in Moschus (for Latin version see Minge PL 74.