morning glory syndrome

mor·ning glo·ry syn·drome

a funnel-shaped hypoplastic optic nerve with a dot of white tissue at its center; surrounded by an elevated anulus of chorioretinal pigment.
A rare, usually unilateral dysplastic coloboma, characterised by mottled peripapillary pigment and an enlarged, funnel-shaped optic disc filled with hyaloid remnants in its base, surrounded by an elevated rim and tortuous radiating vessels—hence the name, likened to the appearance of the morning glory, a flower; it is thought to occur during the 5th week of embryonic development
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I am referring to the story concerning Helena Trow, aged six, who was born with a rare eye condition known as Morning Glory Syndrome (The Gazette 8.
In fact, were it not Cecil holding forth about a three-year-old filly you would diagnose a severe case of Morning Glory Syndrome.