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Healing and reconciliation were seen as theoretically valuable, but irrelevant at this time, and in any event considered impossible until after the church and native people have emerged from the legal morass they are now in.
The morass in African leadership is created by leaders who are intellectually and physically empowered but without a spiritual backbone,' he said.
Weaver spends much of his time balancing his life and those of his family and staff while wading through a morass of laws and regulations affecting national forests amid widely divergent opinions about just how the natural resources under his care should be managed.
They also engage in sex, commandeered by Luisa, who helps the boys unravel the morass of homosexual tensions between them.
While Ricky hopes to escape the desolation around him with a sports scholarship to USC, Doughboy is getting lost in a deepening morass of booze, violence, and crime.
Although the dot-com industry birthed several shopping tools using intelligent agents, they were generally unhelpful because, as Hogan commented, "They have an even harder time than humans in trying to make sense of the digital morass presented by HTML.
Hopefully by staying in close communication with our clients, we will be able to help guide them successfully through this morass.
Then there is the morass of inquiries and questionnaires and Senate confirmation hearings that the candidate must get through.
As it stands now, the water's edge north of 23rd street is a morass of sunken piers with little scenic value.
Although an important asset, critical business information may get lost in the morass of poorly controlled, poorly handled documents.
Zealous air pollution bureaucrats created a morass of rules and regulations that dictated everything from the educational level of "employee transportation coordinators" to the rank of the company officer signing the company's pledge to support ridesharing.