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Arsia Mons was creating about one volcanic vent every 1 to 3 million years at the peak, compared to one every 10,000 years or so in similar regions on Earth.
Most-Catholic Mons often frequented Tamaris as well, a contradiction that intrigues Lavardin.
Mons players - four weeks without wages tomorrow - can use the facility to keep their fitness in check until they get new clubs.
McKim had a good view of the area on Jun 18 and no trace of cloud existed; indeed, no orographic cloud appeared there again until late July, although Arsia Mons itself continued to be visible as a dusky spot.
Although yet to be approved by the EU Council of Ministers, the city of Mons (Belgium) has just been selected to become one of the two European capitals of culture for 2015.
The reference to Mons indicates more than just Hemingway's "respect for the names of places and things," for example, more than his "regard for the concrete" (Barloon 10).
In the last edition (1763) of his map of the stars between the south celestial pole and the Tropic of Capricorn, Table Mountain was Latinized to Mons Mensae.
Race wasn't an issue; Le Mons was open to any possibility.
Despues de la Primera Guerra Mundial Alsacia se incorporo definitivamente a Francia, de ahi que Mons.
A delegation from Mons, in Belgium, where the documents were discovered, have given the plans to Liverpool Michel Vasko, deputy manager of tourism for Mons, said: ``It is my privilege to officially offer to the Town Hall of Liverpool the original plans.
This, of course, separates it rather distinctly from the other Mons.