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A complete scenario of monostotic Paget's disease was evident, and conservative management was planned.
Monostotic fibrous dysplasia in an eight year old male: report of case.
Bone scintigraphy revealed that the lesion was monostotic and is limited to the right maxillary region (Figure 4).
5) FD has two subtypes which are polyostotic or monostotic.
Malignant Transformation of Monostotic Fibrous Dysplasia in the Mandible.
Monostotic form affects one bone whereas polyostotic shows involvement of the multiple skull and facial bones.
Rosen MA, Wesolowski DP, Herkowitz HN; Osteolytic monostotic Paget's disease of the axis: A case report.
Usually patients with monostotic FD have delayed presentation unless accompanied with endocrinopathies as compared to polyostotic variants.
Most people with the disorder have only one affected bone -- a form called monostotic fibrous dysplasia.
12) Monostotic disease is seen more often in the axial skeleton and occurs in 10% to 35% of all cases.
At baseline, serum cathepsin K levels were significantly higher in 60 Paget's disease patients, compared with 50 age-matched controls, and were higher in patients with polyostotic disease than in those with monostotic disease.
18]F-fluoride positron emission tomography may be useful in the follow-up of patients with monostotic forms of Paget's disease, Dr.