monopolar cautery

mon·o·po·lar cau·ter·y

electrocautery by high frequency electrical current passed from a single electrode; the patient's body serves as a ground where the cauterization occurs.

mon·o·po·lar cau·te·ry

(mon'ō-pō'lăr kaw'tĕr-ē)
Electrocautery by high frequency electrical current passed from a single electrode, where the cauterization occurs, the patient's body serving as a ground.
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I perform dissection with the fenestrated bipolar grasper in arm 1 and the monopolar cautery hook in arm 2.
This is of particular concern when operating on or near the skull base and orbit, where the use of monopolar cautery is relatively contraindicated.
Additional accessories include scissors along with bipolar and monopolar cautery devices.
Of the electrosurgical techniques, monopolar cautery has been the standard.
The 16-year-old experienced major bilateral tonsillar fossa bleeding on postoperative day 3, and she was returned to the operating room for bilateral monopolar cautery and placement of tonsillar fossa suture ligatures.
The rate of cervical cancer after a supracervical hysterectomy in which the canal is treated with monopolar cautery is approximately 0.
Bipolar cautery is effective, but it does not work in the same way as monopolar cautery, which is widely used in tonsil surgery, particularly with vigorously bleeding vessels.
After the tissue has been removed, monopolar cautery is used to provide hemostasis to the capsule.
He dissects the fibroids with a monopolar cautery system.