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1. One exhibiting monomania.
2. Characterized by or relating to monomania.
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10) Though mocking the Spasmodic School of the 1850s, a radical group of poets who dealt with emotional extremes and themes of insanity, obsession, and violence, the review also reveals Swinburne's knowledge and recognition of the monomaniac.
This is a time to come together now, for the Conservative Party to demonstrate that we are not monomaniac, we have more than one issue.
At worst, prolonged exposure to Saba's self-infatuation is like being cornered by a monomaniac brimming with photo albums of the family vacation; the eyes glaze over but the gloating commentary drones on.
Rosetta (played by last year's Cannes Best Actress winner Emilie Dequenne) is a 17 year old Belgian girl from a downcast, economically depressed town who lives in a trailer with her no good alcoholic slut of a mother (Anne Yernaux) and has an almost monomaniac obsession with work.
There has been no Hitler; but there has been one Rudolf Gloder, an officer in the same regiment Hitler served in during World War I, a monomaniac and virulent anti-Semite who, in a series of moves very like Hitler's, founded the Nazi party and rose to power by taking advantage of Weimar Germany's demoralization.
Deprived of his wealth by his Christian persecutors Barabas, through revenge, becomes a monomaniac and vents his poison on mankind in general.
Stevenson's electric wheelchair gives up the ghost shortly after she's left the increasingly monomaniac Lewis to deal with a small accident with the Virgin Mary; Henshaw is gradually weakening from loss of blood and McCole heads towards a tragedy in the making.
Doug Wieselman's monomaniac guitar, Jane Scarpantoni's grainily amplified cello and Tony Scherr's menacing bass repetitions transform Lurie's compositions into a mixed bed of flowers.
On the first level he is one-dimensional and lacking even the most rudimentary hinterland to retreat to - which makes for an intriguing window into the world of the monomaniac.
After Genesis, the Good Book generally falls away into a humorless So-So Book at best, a Bad Book mostly, getting worse as it goes along, sinking into the New Testament's celebration of a deluded monomaniac, who brings the good news that the world is ending even as he speaks, thereby forming a cult around himself that shapes the world we live in now.
They were equal-opportunity cartoonists who targeted everybody with equal irreverence and a fine absence of discrimination; Wilders is a monomaniac who wants to ban the Koran in the Netherlands because it is "like (Adolf Hitler's) Mein Kampf".