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A treatise on a particular subject or specific aspect of a subject.
[mono- + G. graphē, a writing]


(mŏn′ō-grăf) [″ + graphein, to write]
A treatise dealing with a single subject.

drug monograph

A publication that specifies for a drug (or class of related drugs) the kinds and amounts of ingredients it may contain, the conditions and limitations for which it may be offered, directions for use, warnings, and other information that its labeling must contain. The monograph may contain important information concerning interactions with other drugs.


a publication relating normally to a higher TAXON, which includes an exhaustive treatment of all aspects of the biology of the group as far as they relate to its taxonomy and classification.
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The needed monographs include 1,605 for drug products, 343 for drug substance compounds and 65 for excipients.
Two of the listings gave the guaifenesin monograph and the other two gave the dextromethorphan monograph.
Statistical information on use of herbal medicine by patients with HIV is now included in the "General Considerations" chapter, and interaction monographs have been updated with HIV drug interactions information.
With LYRASIS as lead organization, the planning partners were awarded a grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to conduct a workshop titled "Developing a North-American Strategy to Preserve & Manage Print Collections of Monographs.
The new FCC monograph will set a worldwide industry benchmark for this ingredient.
Providing an overview of evidence-based guidelines, published research, and legislative efforts, the monograph highlights strategies submitted by the 28 selected healthcare organizations.
The topic of the monograph Intelligent Transport Systems [Intelektualiosios transporto sistemos] (in Lithuanian) discussed by Assoc.
Each monograph is introduced with a summary table that lists a drug/class interaction type; describes its mechanism and significance in relation to the subject supplement; and provides advice for its management to decrease adverse affects.
The conference proceedings were published in 1978 (Rutherford & Preito, 1978), which also happened to be the very first monograph published by the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders.
Art as Existence: The Artist's Monograph and Its Project.
This book is a monograph of the 12th triennial International Symposium on Intracranial Pressure and Brain Monitoring (ICP XII) held in Hong Kong in August 2004.
Alan Derickson, one of this country's best historians of health care policy, asks the right question in this expert monograph on the idea of access to universal health care in America during the twentieth century.