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Finally, monogamy was instituted as the only form of marriage that could be registered by the state(38)--a practice that continued with the adoption of the Napoleonic code in the years following independence in 1960.
This then allowed the team to determine the timing of trait evolution and show that male infanticide is the cause of the switch from a multi-male mating system to monogamy in primates, while bi-parental care and solitary ranging by females are a result of monogamy, not the cause.
Many would agree that the state has an interest in preventing polygamy and polyamory from undermining the ethos of monogamy at the core of marriage.
Overall, 41% questioned for the poll thought that lifelong monogamy was unrealistic.
Monogamy has been the rule almost everywhere, even amidst divorce, polygyny (plurality of wives), polyandry (plurality of husbands) and licentiousness.
Eric Anderson, author of 'The Monogamy Gap: Men, Love and the Reality of Cheating', goes even further.
There's even been talk of a monogamy gene behind the prairie voles' fidelity (SN: 7/9/05, p.
But the reasons gay men who have chosen monogamy often harbor such harsh judgments for those in open relationships goes beyond politics.
efforts on abstinence and monogamy, or which would limit funding to the UN's disastrous Global AIDS Fund and other anti-family organizations.
America Online has a huge area devoted to Valentine's Day (keyword: Valentine's Day), with lots of shopping ideas, plus tips on such timely topics as hot monogamy, wedding planning and how to play the game of love.
United Media will supply three syndicated columnists: Dear Cyberlady; awarding-winning Ann Hodgman provides helpful hints for navigating the emotional terrain of the electronic universe; Elaine Viets, award-winning columnist and author of How to Commit Monogamy, writes a lively, humorous column about men and women, marriage and dating, and lifestyle issues; and the Animal Doctor--common sense advice about your pet by Michael Fox, DVM.
Faithful Ancestors: Researchers debate claims of monogamy for Lucy and her ancient kin" (SN: 6/11/05, p.