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Of relatively uniform size; said of aerosol suspensions with size variation of less than ±20%.
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Production of monodisperse bioconjugates that tolerate long-term storage at 4[degrees]C without settling or aggregating was an equally obvious goal.
The chain length of monodisperse model was set to the average value of the polydisperse model as 155.
Highly sensitive solid-phase immunoenrymometric assay for placental and placental-like alkaline phosphatases with a monoclonal antibody and monodisperse polymer particles.
w] (3) If the primary chains are monodisperse, then [[y, bar above].
Opt-EFX[TM] technology combines the disciplines of physics, electric fields and formulation chemistry in a process that generates reproducible, monodisperse particles, droplets, or aerosols.
We have now shown that by using a new ultrasonic technology, we can create monodisperse aerosol droplets, which could be used for therapeutic delivery of medicines, genes and RNA to specific regions in the lungs.
com)-- Monodisperse emulsion production rates are normally limited to about 10,000 droplets per second, owing to the fundamental flow dynamics of T-junction chips.
The Monodisperse Standards have very narrow particle size distributions, and they come in sets of five single shot bottles together with a NIST traceable test certificate.
Thermo Scientific Particle Technology: Fluoro-Max[TM] Fluorescent Streptavidin-Coated Particles - These new streptavidin fluorescent particles are monodisperse particles prepared by unique and proprietary emulsion polymerization methods.
Monodisperse picoliter multiple all-aqueous droplet systems (e.
Based on the Doi and Edwards theory of reptation (16), the elastic modulus (G') and viscous modulus (G") of a monodisperse polymer are given by