monochorionic twins

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monochorionic twins

monozygotic twins that are contained in a single chorion but typically have two amniotic sacs.

monochorial twins, monochorionic twins

Monochorionic twins

Twins that share a single placenta.
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The other outcomes differ between monochorionic and dichorionic twins because the splitting of an egg can be imperfect: monochorionic twins share "plumbing" and vascular connections, and they have to share the resources of one placenta, Dr.
Iron metabolism in monochorionic twin pregnancies in relation to twin-twin transfusion syndrome.
Recommended surveillance and delivery of monoamniotic twins--a rare but serious type of monochorionic twin gestation--has evolved recently in favor of intensive inpatient monitoring.
We now know enough about the development and potential complications associated with monochorionic twin pregnancies that the term "twin pregnancy" is no longer precise enough to be used as a medical term.
Dichorionic twins were followed at 12, 18, 24, 30, and 34 weeks; monochorionic twins were followed every 2 weeks from 20 weeks.
It is an accepted medical doctrine that monochorionic twins are exclusively monozygous," said Dr.
Monochorionic twins have higher rates of complications and death than do dichorionic twins.
The problem occurs when placental anastomoses in monochorionic twins lead to an asymmetrical distribution of blood.