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Reverse arthroplasty with humeral component monobloc fixation not cemented for fractures.
The monobloc and replaceable head style expands up to 1 percent of the diameter
The HOBA Purair internal powder liner is the latest addition to PPG's complete range of new-generation monobloc aerosol and tube coatings designed to meet regulatory requirements while offering high performance and a wide range of filling compatibility.
The Alteon Monobloc Revision Femoral Stem is a press-fit, one-piece tapered, splined titanium hip implant.
A monobloc case in highA[degrees]tech black matt ceramic, it is a statement of extreme strength and masculineA[degrees]ity, a press release said.
Producing 81,000 PET containers an hour with a single blow-moulding machine, and dressing and filling them as well in a monobloc comprising a blow-moulder, labeller and filler: This is currently the highest output worldwide that a beverage machinery manufacturer can offer.
The highest production output worldwide that a beverage machinery manufacturer can currently offer is 81,000 PET containers per hour with a single blow-molding machine--dressing and filling them as well--in a monobloc comprising a blow-molder, a labeler, and a filler.
The analyzers achieve highly reproducible results through advanced halogen technology combined with a high-performance MonoBloc weighing cell.
The monobloc character of the wall-mounted furniture items is immaculately preserved, with shadow gaps further emphasizing their "hovering" character.
Electromagnetic Force Compensation which (METTLER TOLEDO MonoBloc Technology) provides maximum weighing precision in all weighing and resolution ranges up to 35000e.
The Vasto, Andria and Stilo kitchen taps are all monobloc designs, with just a single lever to operate the flow rate and temperature, but with contrasting spout designs, the Vasto with a 90 degree spout, the Andria with more of a 45 degree curve and the Stilo with a double arched design.