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Vision was regained in only 3 dogs (Spitz 2, Mongrel 1).
Mongrel State will launch the album with a gig at Whelan's tomorrow, Saturday, January 30.
One of the most violent gangs, the Mongrel Mob, was formed in Hawkes Bay in the late 1960s.
American Mongrel ranges as wide as the American West, following the ad hoc journey of a group of escapees from a life that has cornered them.
At the sound of his words, the mongrel turned abruptly and began to run back in the direction from which it had come.
Mongrel are made up of Jon McClure and Joe Moskow, of Reverend And The Makers; Drew McConnell, of Babyshambles; MC and political activist Lowkey; Matt Helders, of Arctic Monkeys; and the groups' former bassist Andy Nicholson, with Jagz Kooner as their producer.
I think Mongrel are the best thing to happen to British music in the last 20 years.
INDIE supergroup MONGREL have been let out of the doghouse for a Teesside showcase tomorrow night.
Clutching hair straigheners and a folder of college work, she also placed her beloved mongrel puppy into the passenger seat.
Like so many northerners, Shingwaukonse was a mongrel.
He starts to stuff things into the car until it is groaning with rods, footballs, waterproofs, wellies and our over-excited mongrel dog Sammy.
The rest of the business is shared by a gang including ThinkFilm, Seville Pictures, Mongrel Media and the newly created Maple Pictures (which took over from Lions Gate in Canada).