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The leaves of Monarda punctata (family Labiatae), American horsemint, a labiate plant of the U.S. east of the Mississippi; the main commercial source of natural thymol; used as a carminative in colic.
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En la misma se localizan tambien Agastache, Clinopodium, Hedeoma y Monarda, cada uno con una sola especie.
hirsutus, Monarda fistulosa, Smilax lasioneura, Solidago canadensis, and Symphyotrichum cordifolium (sagittifolium).
Note: Some of these sources may offer a closely related species, Monarda fistulosa, which is also easily grown in our region in full sun to partial shade with moderate moisture.
Note that other authors (for instance Stier, Auswege aus der Schuldenkrise, 42 and R, Brand, "Konflikt zwischen Regierung und 'Madjermanes,'" Mosambik-Rundbrief 60 [2003]: 4) and persons interviewed (Domingos Pereira, MONARDA delegate in Berlin) only admit to monthly deductions of up to 60 Marks (10 per cent of the maximum net income for this purpose).
In one August entry, Schottman wrote: Monarda fistulosa and other wildflowers on good display on bike trail between Rexford and Anthony St.
They are Solar Star (Michael Bell), who takes the juvenile fillies' maiden from Sylvan (Chris Wall/Walter Swinburn), and Monarda (Paul Cole), who beats Petavious (Lady Herries/Paul Eddery) in the mile-and-a-half heat.
Related Family Members in Book: Leonotis, Mentha, Molucella, Monarda, Perovskia, Physostegia, Rosmarinus, Salvia, Solenostemon, Stachys, and Thymus
In 1992 biologist Emily Baxter of James Madison University, studying wildflowers, ferns, and shrubs native to Shenandoah's Big Meadows, found that 35 plant species, including formerly abundant beardtongue, boneset, fireweed, Angelica, Monarda, and sumac, had disappeared since 1975.
A few of the more aggressive/weedy prairie taxa such as Monarda fistulosa, Rudbeckia hirta, and Zizea aurea are very sparsely present [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 9 OMITTED].
Foraging ecology of selected prairie wildflowers (Echinacea, Liatris, Monarda, Veronicastrum) in Missouri prairie remnants and restorations, pp.
Twenty-two year old Nicola Brissett has set-up Monarda Creative to help pave her way into the illustrated advertising industry.
The daisy-like flowers and height - they can grow to 150cm (5ft) tall - mean they work well towards the back of the border, attracting bees and butterflies and adding impact alongside globe thistle (Echinops) and monarda.