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Relating to or resembling molluscum.


(mŏ-lŭs′kŭm) [L., soft]
A mildly infective skin disease marked by tumor formations on the skin. molluscous (mŏ-lŭs′kŭs), adjective
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molluscum contagiosum

A rash composed of small dome-shaped papules with a central crater that is said to be “umbilicated” (dimpled or belly button–shaped). Cheesy (caseous) material fills the dimple's core. A pox virus causes the rash, which is commonly spread by person-to-person contact among children and young adults. Widespread lesions are sometimes identified on the skin of immunosuppressed patients (e.g., patients with AIDS). Lesions in the groin, on the genitals, or on the upper thighs usually are sexually transmitted. See: illustration


Some lesions may heal spontaneously and require no therapy. Persistent papules can be removed with curettage or frozen with liquid nitrogen.

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Hallam Tennyson comments that, while at Cambridge, his father held the opinion that the "'development of the human body might possibly be traced from the radiated, vermicular, molluscous and vertebrate organisms'" (Memoir, 1:44).