molecular distillation

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mo·lec·u·lar dis·til·la·tion

distillation in high vacuum, intended to make possible use of low temperatures to minimize damage to thermally labile molecules that would be decomposed by boiling at higher temperatures.
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An example of an industrial company using centrifugal molecular distillation is TMC Industries, Waconia, MN.
Incromega omega-3 lipids are obtained via PureMax, a unique purification and concentration technology utilizing a minimum of 3 molecular distillation steps.
USANA uses a double molecular distillation process to manufacture its BiOmega supplement, ensuring the highest possible purity from mercury, PCBs, pesticides and other heavy metals.
However, to ensure purity and eliminate the risk of mercury contamination, PCB's and other harmful toxins, the salmon oil is minimally processed using molecular distillation.
Molecular distillation capabilities are critical to developing drugs, `functional foods' additives and dietary supplements from natural sources.
Croda's state-of-the-art processing, including GMP molecular distillation and proprietary purification technology, reduce the levels of trace impurities still further to the limits of analytical detection.
These companies use highly effective purification processes like molecular distillation and steam deodorization to separate pollutants from the beneficial omega 3 fatty acids.
After this additional purification step is complete, the EPAX oil goes into a traditional concentration process including molecular distillation.
Processes that are acceptable for removing/isolation are: fractional distillations, rectifications, and molecular distillations of natural fragrance materials, also as defined by the Guild.
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