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Figure 6 shows the moldability index of feedstocks at different temperatures, which were calculated from the rheological parameters summarized in Table 2.
Only the steel mold was used and also in this case the moldability window is very narrow (Fig.
The decreased moldability and conformability of the synthetic casting tape make application more difficult than the plaster of Paris (Marshall, Dibble, Walters, & Lewis, 1992).
JOLED will aim to bring innovative products by leveraging flexible display technologies, aiming for improved moldability and durability as well as further reduction in weight.
MS-1001 moldable silicone for LED lighting applications offers the ultra-high clarity, good moldability and photothermal stability for which the company's family of moldable silicones is known, along with introducing the product line's highest hardness material.
The acquired firm supplies p-hydroxybenzoate (p-HBA), a key monomer for LCP, which on its part is one of the engineering plastics that has properties such as heat resistance, dimensional stability, flowability and moldability.
Clearly, functionality will be a major factor in resin choice, but other factors, including moldability, should be considered as well.
Molding compounds have been developed by mixing PLA with oil-based plastics, but attaining the desired levels of heat resistance and moldability has required a high ratio of oil-based plastic.
However, this reduces the moldability and inhibits the curing process of the EMC [21].
The sand filling process also has been redesigned in the molding system for obtaining high moldability.
The design changed throughout the development as attempts were made to manage the implications on moldability of the complex variations in wall thickness and curvature demanded by optical and medical requirements.
For the future, the share of nonwovens for use in automotive interiors is expected to increase due to a variety of factors, including the ability of nonwovens to supply large volumes at low masses, good moldability and competitive costs.