moderator variable

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mod·er·a·tor var·i·a·ble

a variable that interacts by virtue of being antecedent or intermediate in the causal pathway.
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This method has been suggested as an alternative method for assessing the effect of moderator variable in the model.
The only moderator variable of interest for subgroup analysis reported in every study was measurement instrument (see Table 2).
Thus, the objective of this study is to examine the influence of the environment in the organizational innovation, as well as to analyze the behavior of the organizational characteristics as a moderator variable of this relation.
and moderator analysis investigates whether the size or sign of the effect depends in some way on a moderator variable or variables.
c,t] is a dummy variable coded as 1 if country c is below the 33rd percentile value of the moderator variable in year t, [moderator.
Hence, we can conclude that the size of the firm does not act as a moderator variable.
Indeed, among others, in the verification of hypotheses 1 through 8 that follows, interaction effect of a moderator variable is significant if, and only if, the path between the latent variable (the multiplication of items of independent and moderator variables forming interaction effect) and the dependent variable is significant, as well as if the change in [R.
In Step 2, the interaction term reflecting the product of the predictor variable (proactive personality) and moderator variable (hope) was entered.
A part-time job as a moderator variable in this model could indicate the extent to which idolatry was related to impulsive buying tendencies.
One way to explore the potential of Tyler and Blader's (2003) group engagement model would be to introduce individual differences in identity as a moderator variable.