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n a chairman; one who presides over an assembly, group, or panel.

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Q. what does moderate drinking mean? I am addicted to drinks… oops! Not water but alcohol. My well-wishers advised and requested me to drink moderate. Is it so? If I have to hate my habit then I want to know what does moderate drinking mean.

A. To me, you know that you don't drink "moderately" if you are questioning it. And apparently those around you are noticing. The helpful thing is that you know it. Most people who drink will deny it. Maybe you should visit a local AA meeting and get a feel for what you are doing. There is plenty support there. It would be a good thing to nip it in the bud at this early point.

Q. Imedix site has helped me to learn about the symptoms of autism. Thanks for the moderator and the members. Imedix site has helped me to learn about the symptoms of autism. Thanks for the moderator and the members. Now kindly add to my knowledge by letting me know whether there are any indications that require IMMEDIATE evaluation for autism?

A. Thank you Zakary. Though there are many symptoms of autism, a child should definitely be evaluated for autism immediately, if he or she has: No babbling by 12 months, No gesturing (pointing, aving bye-bye, etc.) by 12 months, No single words by 16 months. No two-word (not just echolalic) phrases by 24 months, any loss of any language or social skills at any age.

Q. what are the requirements of getting medicinal marijuana? i'd like to know the requirements of getting prescribed medicinal marijuana. i have heard alot about health benefits of moderate use of marijuana or should i refer to it as cannabis.

A. marijuana has been proven to help in these diseases,but the problem is getting a drs order for it.IT is easyer to get it under the table than legally.

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Andrew's and Moore, Knox; Full-time ministry in a rural two-point charge; Interim Moderator Rev.
Thursday, May 11, afternoon session TPE materials for the 21st century Charles Rader, Rubber Division, moderator.
Based on the result of the moderator brightness measurement, which was done after installing the first part of the full guide, we calculated by Monte Carlo the neutron flux out of the full length of the guide.
The authors of this article served as designers, developers, instructors and moderators in the process of designing, developing and delivering the virtual class.
a pharmaceutical marketer that hires physician moderators,
Content analysis allows the focus group moderator to compile a detailed report that reveals the exact number of times specific words and/or comments are used in a focus group study.
Last night, speaking from Italy, the Moderator said: "I took the greetings and best wishes of the General Assembly.
During this dialogue, the moderator probed responses for specific details when warranted.
Panel members are encouraged to participate actively, but the moderator may have to intervene to ensure that no single member of the group dominates the discussion.
Company's Savvy Moderators Learn Client Jargon and Provide Insight into Trends that Benefit both Retailer and Consumer Online Shopping Experience
Andrew's and Elora, Knox; Full-time minister for a two-point charge; Interim Moderator The Rev.
Ken Paxton, the leading Republican candidate for attorney general, canceled his appearance at a Northeast Tarrant Tea Party event Monday evening so that he could focus on an internal review of his financial disclosure filings, a moderator of the event said.