model of human occupation

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Model of Human Occupation

a model of practice used in occupational therapy designed to understand human occupation. MOHO includes volition, habituation, performance capacity, and environment. This model was the life work of Dr. Gary Kielhofner. It is used throughout the world.

model of human occupation

Abbreviation: MOHO
A conceptual framework for viewing occupational therapy practice, aimed at improving the patient's organization of time, overall function, and adaptation as reflected in the performance of occupations. Within this framework, intervention includes strategies for fostering skill development and habit changes through role acquisition, improved self-image, and environmental changes.
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Similar to a client-centered approach, this study indicated that the CHFCs are consistent with a variety of OT models that focus on the interrelationship of person and context and reflect the interaction of the person and his or her context, such as the Model of Human Occupation (Kielhofner, 1995), the Occupational Adaptation Model (Schkade & Schultz, 1998), the Ecology of Human Performance (Dunn, McClain, Brown, & Youngstom, 1998), and Kawa (Iwama, 2003, 2006).
A comparison of psychiatric patients and normal subjects based on the model of human occupation.
Through his occupation-focused thesis work, Kielhofner (2008) developed foundational ideas that later evolved into the Model of Human Occupation, which has now influenced practice internationally for more than 30 years.

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