habitual pitch

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ha·bit·u·al pitch

(hă-bich'ū-ăl pich)
Central tendency of pitch, or fundamental frequency, most often used by a person in speaking. Voice strain or vocal pathology may result when the habitual pitch is significantly different from the optimal pitch.
See: optimal pitch
Synonym(s): modal frequency, modal pitch.
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where DFi means the i th modal frequency difference between undamaged state and damaged state.
Using a modal frequency solution has some numerical advantage in this instance.
Modal frequency responses and displacements for stiffness were extracted from ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) output files.
Furthermore, to avoid the instability of the bridge with improper modal frequency and minor modal damping, a practical control scheme is explored from the perspective of theoretical source and engineering implementation.
From Table 2 we can see that model cable vibration mode is including in-plane vibration and out-plane vibration, due to the influence of end connections, modal frequency of each order is not equally spaced arrangement within the model plane, and the first natural frequency value of cable was obtained as 2.
Yen, "A story damage index of seismically-excited buildings based on modal frequency and mode shape," Engineering Structures, vol.
It is shown that the choice of the spectrum analysis parameters show great influence over the time--frequency distribution of the modal frequency amplitudes.
The first model consisted of an extremely lightly damped beam that revealed changes in the measured modal frequency and damping.
The guided modes within the EBG waveguide can be calculated by varying phase difference in the direction of periodicity of the waveguide and calculate the corresponding modal frequency.
During the test, usually around 12-20 operating points are measured and the modal frequency and damping are evaluated.
The modal frequency of oral intakes in the whole group of students during non-fasting weeks was between 3 and 4 (Fig-1).
If the modal frequency of the structure is changed, the PDVA resonating frequency also should be changed.