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v 1. freeing or making loose and able to move.
2. observing any ongoing movements in a client's body, whether small or large, assisted or not, that identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as the client's physical and emotional readiness for the therapy.
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The Mobile Enterprise World Congress offers a unique educational experience by addressing the challenges that confront both IT professionals and business strategists that are charged with mobilizing their workforce.
Jon Lei, Roaming Messenger's CEO, stated, "The Roaming Messenger Platform is a multichannel access gateway with core features and functions not found in any other platform for mobilizing enterprise applications.
The Benefits of Mobilizing Enterprise Applications Can Surpass Those of Wireless Email
Navara's core mobile workflow solution is the Navara Mobility Suite, a group of integrated solutions that provide a powerful and easy-to-implement method for mobilizing existing applications.
Mobile technology is a key component of many optimization initiatives and customers are reporting higher levels of customer satisfaction and retention from the use of mobilizing business processes for their field workers.
IDC's new study, Mobilizing the Enterprise 2004 (IDC #31503), addresses the state of mobility within enterprises and identifies the key trends and issues they face.
More and more of our customers are expanding their field workforce and mobilizing their enterprise applications," said Peter Grambs, Vice President of Cognizant Technology Solutions' CRM Practice.
Concert producer Quincy Jones said, "We believe that the images and messages Lee Clow and the Chiat/Day team so generously created for 'We Are the Future' will have a major impact on mobilizing people to help children in need worldwide.
From increased productivity to lowered billing cycles, mobilizing field applications can help companies improve cash flow.
So, in summary, on the subject of motivation, you may find it helpful to tell your patients/clients that: it is a mental process; that it's always there in most of us but frequently needs to be activated; internal factors are usually much more effective in mobilizing motivation than are external ones; feelings of guilt usually don't work over the long run to effectuate the activation process; and that the key to "getting motivated", in most cases, is taking control of the situation and setting doable goals for oneself first, before doing anything else.
As Silver and Moeser indicate, by concentrating "African-American citizens in a racially defined geographic area, the separate city provided the institutional networks and communication systems necessary for mobilizing an aggrieved people.