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v 1. freeing or making loose and able to move.
2. observing any ongoing movements in a client's body, whether small or large, assisted or not, that identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as the client's physical and emotional readiness for the therapy.
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The general idea is that mobilizing prior knowledge facilitates the processing of new relevant information by influencing time spent on different parts of that information.
As the global connectivity experts, Yankee Group thought leaders present Mobilizing the Enterprise summit as a platform to discuss helping companies navigate through the complexity and uncertainty of connecting to mobile employees, assets and customers.
Silicon Valley-based Apresta(TM), the world leader in mobilizing business processes, creates advanced mobile solutions that deliver real-time, relevant information at the point of need.
The Mobile Enterprise World Congress offers a unique educational experience by addressing the challenges that confront both IT professionals and business strategists that are charged with mobilizing their workforce.
Jon Lei, Roaming Messenger's CEO, stated, "The Roaming Messenger Platform is a multichannel access gateway with core features and functions not found in any other platform for mobilizing enterprise applications.
Enterprises are mobilizing applications and workers on their own schedule and are not feeling pressured to accelerate timetables.
ATLANTA -- Navara, an independent software developer focused on mobilizing enterprise applications, today announced that RAM Mobile Data, a leader in wireless business solutions and data applications in the Netherlands, has chosen the Navara Mobility Suite as its platform for deploying managed services to customers.
BOSTON -- Helps Abbott Laboratories Improve Operations and Increase Sales by Mobilizing Business Applications for Field Workers
However, due to the high costs of mobilizing frac equipment to and from New Brunswick for a single-well program, Corridor has decided to stimulate the K-57 well as part of a larger multi-well stimulation program planned for several wells, potentially as early as this fall.
Not surprisingly, enterprises ahead of the mobility curve are no longer satisfied with basic wireless access and limited mobility - 36% of the organizations surveyed currently provide wireless access to their back-end servers, applications, and/or data for mobilizing corporate applications, and another 28% plan to do so in the next 12 months.
More and more of our customers are expanding their field workforce and mobilizing their enterprise applications," said Peter Grambs, Vice President of Cognizant Technology Solutions' CRM Practice.