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1. To liberate material stored in the body; more specifically, to move a substance from tissue stores into the bloodstream.
2. To excite quiescent material to physiologic activity.
[Fr. mobiliser, to liberate, make ready, fr. L. mobilis, movable]


v. mobi·lized, mobi·lizing, mobi·lizes
To release or make available, as cells or chemical substances: hormones that mobilize calcium from bones.

mo′bi·li·za′tion (-lĭ-zā′shən) n.


1. To incite to physiological action.
2. To render movable; to put in movement.
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The Mobilize Rescue System uses an interactive app that unites the knowledge and equipment bystanders need to respond to medical emergencies.
Using MTN Mobile SelfCare solution, energized by LGR StarCare, these prepaid SIM cards are centrally managed at the Mobilize Transit TV offices.
Immediately, he buried his head in his hands, realizing that this was the item he failed to mobilize earlier.
We may quibble a bit about the new "foundation" idea, and try to help mold an approach that utilizes Global ReLeaf and similar private nonprofit efforts to mobilize the private sector.
Such forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, statements regarding customers that will mobilize their Oracle ePerformance application using the Company's products, ensuring their mobile employees have the ability to access, review and edit performance reviews and other performance data while disconnected from the network, and that the Company's products will help customers complete their review cycles more quickly, contributing to personal productivity and the speed of overall company work processes.
TIF attendees can visit the Mobilize Solutions booth at the event or visit www.
After that war ended, the nation's senior generals devised a military structure called the "total force" concept to circumvent two of the great moral hazards they identified with Vietnam: the failure to mobilize the nation, with all of its strata and segments, for the war; and the reliance on young American conscripts, who were coerced by the state to kill or be killed.
Centura and Powerlan announced aggressive plans to become the region's pre-eminent supplier of solutions that mobilize the enterprise.
Mobilize, LLC, and Harvest One Media are strong anti-spam advocates.
Last night, the Millennial generation, and the Millenial voice proved once again that they will not be silenced," said Maya Enista Smith, Mobilize.
It acknowledges that people mobilize in different ways depending upon a number of factors, including the reason for the protest, the nature of the economic and political environment in which they are protesting and who is protesting.
Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is seeking the government's permission to accept $1 billion from Libya's Moammar Gadhafi, a gift he says would be used to mobilize African-American voters and bolster their economic strength.

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